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Anderson Cooper explains how you can easily donate to any of the 2021 Top 10 CNN Heroes.

Celebrities and musicians are coming together tonight to honor everyday people making the world a better place.

In Qatar, a country where the subway has a business class compartment and Friday brunch is a competitive sport, opulence is a mere baseline.

Fancy spending two months traveling overland from Istanbul to London without ever having to get behind the wheel?

Inside a dimly lit dining room, chef Tomoya Kawada of Sazenka is drawing a yin-yang diagram on a notepad as he explains his dreams for the distant future.

He'd longed to go on a "crazy adventure" for years, and as Liam Garner's high school graduation day grew closer, the teenager was more determined than ever to make his escape.

After a few difficult years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, people are finally winging their way across the globe again; families are being reunited and sights are being seen.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has more than 1,000 objects in its collection that have ties to people allegedly involved in crimes related to the antiquities trade, according to a new report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), sparking heightened scrutiny of the largest and most-visited museum in the US.

The 1513 portrait "An Old Woman" by Flemish artist Quinten Massys might well be one of the Renaissance's most famous paintings. It is also one of the period's most atypical.

Murals believed to be nearly 400 years old have been discovered at an apartment in northern England following a kitchen renovation.

In a letter to his wife in March 1901, pioneering French painter Claude Monet lamented the bad weather that prevented him from working, as well as another conspicuous impediment to his creativity.

In her striking images of the Faroe Islands, a remote archipelago between Iceland and her native Norway, photographer Andrea Gjestvang depicts islanders and livelihoods that are as tough and unforgiving as the windswept landscape.

Over the weekend, a peculiar image of Pope Francis set the internet alight. Widely circulated on social media, the picture shows the 86-year-old pontiff dressed in a chunky longline white puffer coat, cinched at the waist and seemingly layered with other winter weather streetwear.

As the US attempts to wean itself off its heavy reliance on fossil fuels and shift to cleaner energy sources, many experts are eyeing a promising solution: your neighborhood big-box stores and shopping malls.

Air pollution spiked to unhealthy levels around the world in 2021, according to a new report.

Lake Powell, the second-largest human-made reservoir in the US, has lost nearly 7% of its potential storage capacity since 1963, when Glen Canyon Dam was built, a new report shows.

If you live in America, you're not allowed to trade crypto derivatives. And if you're a big international platform for trading crypto derivatives, you can't let Americans trade those products if you haven't registered with the boring-sounding but not-to-be-trifled-with federal regulator known as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC.

For the past decade, China has lent massive sums to governments across Asia, Africa and Europe, growing its global influence through infrastructure megaprojects and becoming one of the world's biggest creditors.

America's biggest companies rushed to strengthen their gun safety policies after the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, in 2018.

UBS is bringing back its former chief executive, Sergio Ermotti, to manage the hugely complex and risky task of completing the bank's emergency takeover of rival Credit Suisse.

Inflation is ravaging shoppers' wallets and the Federal Reserve has responded by instituting a regimen of painful interest rate hikes that could land the economy in a recession. But corporate profits are surging. US profit margins have reached record levels not seen since the immediate aftermath of World War II.

Taiwan has every right to "connect with the world," its President Tsai Ing-wen declared Wednesday as she embarked on a diplomatic mission to Central America, which will include transit in the United States -- and has already been condemned by China.

At least 38 people died on Monday night when a fire broke out at a government-run migrant detention center in Ciudad Juarez, a city in northern Mexico, on the United States border, Mexican officials said Tuesday.

Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo has said that "substantial elements" of a draconian anti-LGBTQ bill being considered by its parliament "have been modified" after an intervention by his government.

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his decision to delay a controversial plan to weaken the country's judiciary on Monday, he invoked the biblical story of the Judgement of Solomon, where the king had to rule between two women, both claiming to be the mother of a child. Solomon ordered that the child be cut in two, and the woman who protested the ruling was determined to be the real mother.


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